• CCT turns 10

    Join us for our Facebook live event on 30th of November, with the ambassador, our partners and an awarding show for our CCT Juniors.
    CCT turns 10
  • 10 years later

    On November 3rd 2011 the very first CCT took place - discussing COP17(!) - now 10 years later Egypt will host COP27.
    10 years later
  • The last CCT on October 12

    CCT78 talked about challenges and potential of e-mobility in Egypt, the report and Youtube recording are now uploaded.

    The last CCT on October 12
  • Looking for Journalists

    You are a journalist and would like to write about the environment and climate change more?

    Looking for Journalists

    A little about us and what we do.

    Our planet is warming, our weather is changing, it is getting both hotter and colder. Everyone is talking about the environment and climate change – and honestly it is getting a little scary. Then why does it feel like nobody is acting?

    Well, firstly let us tell you: great that you are here! Secondly, there is a lot going on actually: Many brilliant scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs, organizers, negotiators, volunteers, and policy makers are working on protecting our planet every single day. And we are here to let them tell their stories and connect with each other, so they can combine their forces and work on this together. Let us be climate heroes and hear the stories, too!


    Take a look at some of our events!

    27th, 2021

    The Heat is On. Climate Change

    Extreme weather events and projected rise in the global temperature are some of the most pressing runaway effects of climate change. Extreme heat has effects on public health,

    Event Details
    04th, 2021

    Sustainable Makers and Local Crafts

    Climate change is already a reality and is increasingly changing the lives of countless people in complex ways. Resilience is the new buzz word as it describes local communities’ pressure to adapt to their changed environments.

    Event Details
    20th, 2021

    Biogas Production: A growing demand and

    For our first event of 2021 we are exploring a promising comprehensive solution that is yet to be fully explored in the Egyptian context: the potential of agricultural and municipal waste for energy production.

    Event Details

    Take a look at some of our projects!

    Since 2011 CCT has continued to expand and strengthen its network of partners, supporters …

    The CCT Environmental Journalism Award encourages Egyptian journalists to report on the environment, climate …

    CTC Junior are youth-focused activities which aim to educate children and teenagers about climate …


    Our Facebook feeds that may interest you


    Our Facebook feeds that may interest you