Welcome to the Future: E-Mobility's Potential and Current State


October 5th

At Online Event

The first CCT after the summer break will discuss the potentials as well as challenges of e-mobility in Egypt and Germany.

The transportation sector is responsible for 24% of emissions globally and 55% of Egypt’s emissions. In 2020 the Minister of Public Enterprise Sector announced that Egypt will start producing electric cars in 2021. Electric-powered vehicles produce less smog and direct exhaust which has a direct effect on improving the public health, especially in crowded cities like Cairo. Electric vehicles also have no direct emissions and have the potential of being carbon neutral when electricity is produced from a renewable source.

Meet our Panelists

Prof. Dr. Rasha Elkholy

Vice President, Heliopolis University

Prof. Dr. Boris Heinz

Head of Programme at Hudara gGmbH / Head of the Chair for Energy Systems at TU Berlin

Mr. Clemens Breisinger

Country Program Leader at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Meet our Moderators

Dr. Hammou Laamrani

Senior Integrated Expert, GIZ

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